You just finished reading through your favorite fitness magazine and read about a great new plan for getting six pack abs.  Chances are, it isn't going to work!  Truth is,  most people make one of these key mistakes when working on abs.  What are they?  I'm glad you asked!

1.  CRITICAL is diet.  If you aren't going to work on what you eat, don't bother wasting time with thousands of crunches.  Abs are just muscles - like any others in your body- but they are often hidden behind a large pad of fat, since most men store their extra weight around the middle.  Ever notice how you don't see a lot of guys with six pack abs AND love handles?  That's because it just doesn't work that way.  You gotta eliminate the fat to let the abs show through - simple as that.

2.  Bad form.  Always make sure you are doing exercises properly.  If you are doing things wrong, you might not be working the muscles properly.  Even worse, you can get injured and that will set back your workout plan even farther.  Be educated before you hit the gym.

3.  Just doing crunches.  I know, crunches are the classic ab exercise.  But if you want to really make some changes in your body, you need to incorporate a variety of exercises to really challenge your system.  Just doing crunches is the very, very, very slow way to do it.  Plus it gets boring.

4.  Only working on abs.  You need a whole-body workout routine.  Sure, you can focus on the abs, but don’t neglect the rest of your body.  This is a prescription for burnout or injury.

5.  Failure to Launch.  One of the biggest causes of failure is simply failure to start.  The longest journey begins with a single step, so put the plan into action.
Now that you know the mistakes to avoid, it is time for you to get started.  Make sure you have a safe, effective routine - then go for it.  

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